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Neuropsychology Training

UC San Diego offers one of the finest practicum, internship, and post-doctoral fellowship Clinical Neuropsychology Training Programs in the world.  The UC San Diego/VA Internship offers a large number of training combinations in which intern candidates chose which rotation combination best fits with their interests and goals.  The UC San Diego Medical Center Neuropsychology rotation (UCSD/NP) is ideal for those trained in neuropsychology.  During this year-long placement, interns spend their time at the UC San Diego Medical Center.

The Cognitive Medicine Group (CMG) offers broad training in clinical psychology and clinical neuropsychology.  While there are other programs at the Medical Center, this page describes training programs with Drs. Norman and Gooding.  Under their supervision, trainees may be exposed to transplant, epilepsy, brain tumor, dementia and other neuropsychological evaluations.  Also, trainees may participate in Wada procedures and intraoperative brain mapping.  Training is rounded out in weekly individual and group supervision and the Neuropsychology Clinical Training Seminar (NCTS).

CMG offer a neuropsychology training format consistent with the Houston Guidelines, Division, 40 and the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology.  As a UC San Diego trainee you will be exposed to many patient populations.  Supervision includes at least one our of supervision with Dr. Norman or Dr. Gooding in addition to  weekly Neuropsychology Clinical Training Seminar, and a host of other possible opportunities (Transplant Rounds, Transplant Selection Committees, Epilepsy Case Discussions, Brain Pathology (brain autopsies with neuropathology), Psychiatry Consultation/Liaison, Psychiatry Grand Rounds, and many other UCSD training programs).

Epilepsy – CMG provides pre- and post surgical evaluations for the UC San Diego Comprehensive Epilepsy Program. Trainees conduct pre- and post-operative neuropsychological assessments with epilepsy patients, including intracarotid amytal procedures (aka. Wada procedures) and intraoperative language mapping (were we assist the neurosurgical and neurology teams in the operating room. The team of neurologists, neurosurgeons, neuroradiologists, and neuropathologists meet monthly.

Neuro-oncology – We evaluate individuals with a wide variety of low- and high grade brain tumors.  These assessments may include testing before and/or after tumor resection, ablation, chemotherapy, and radiation.

Sports Concussion – CMG works with the UC San Diego Sports Concussion clinic.  Referred patients have a  variety of injury mechanisms.  Our group has worked with professional NFL, MLB, and NHL athletes.

Neuropsychological Assessments – We provide neuropsychological consultations for a variety of neurologic conditions including, dementia, traumatic brain injuries, multiple sclerosis, cerebrovascular accidents, disability,  independent medical evaluations, and forensic cases.

Transplantation Assessments – Working with three solid organ transplant programs (Lung, Kidney/Pancreas, and Liver), we assess approximately 250 patients per year.  We provide critical feedback to the transplant teams, integrating cognitive, psychological, behavioral medicine, and social functioning.  Patients may have co-existing conditions, including Hepatitis C or B, HIV, sarcoidosis, psychiatric disorders, hypertension, diabetes, strokes, and many other conditions.  As time permits, trainees are encouraged to attend daily rounds and/or weekly team selection meetings with the surgeons, medicine specialists(hepatology or renal), pharmacists, social workers, and nurses.

Neuropsychology Clinical Training Seminar – Drs. Norman and Gooding conduct a weekly NCTS.  This seminar is designed to learn about the brain and brain functioning as well as assessing neurobehavior in the absence of formal tests.  Multimedia is used to depict normal brains, brains with abnormal findings, and videos (including an aphasia assessment and intraoperative brain mapping).  Guest speakers include faculty neurologists (Dr. Jeff Gertsch), and experts in HIV/AIDS  (Drs. Maria Marquine and Erin Morgan) and clinical genetics (Dr. Matthew Panizzon).

Stroke Team Conference  – The UC San Diego Stroke Center was one of the first five comprehensive stroke centers in the nation. Our stroke center physicians are internationally recognized as leaders and experts in the fields of stroke care, prevention and research.  The team has weekly meetings to review stroke care.

Neuropathology Conference –  Weekly brain cutting conference


Many trainee reference materials and resources are available through another page. Please email me if you would like access to the other Student Resources.

In addition to these programs, NBMU has many other programs or you can look at the UCSD Psychology Internship Program site.  Graduate training can be found at the UCSD/SDSU Doctoral Program site.